Facial Epilators: An Overview

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "facial epilator"Of all the hair removal methods, facial epilators win face down as one of the most effective – both in terms of economy and efficacy. There could be a few reasons as to why women like to opt for facial epilators. A few may find using hair removal creams an easier method – but we need to remember, that these are after all, chemicals and expose the delicate facial skin to the side effects that these carry with them.  So, using an epilator may, any day, be a safer option.


How do Epilators work?


Epilators function very similar to waxing – that is, they remove the hair at the roots, the follicle level. Epilators are basically electronic devices.  As they move on the skin, they trap the hair in them through a rotating motion and pull them away at the root level, even as they continue their movement on the skin. The results may last up to a fortnight.


Epilators can be of different types – some operate on batteries; a few have the option of being rechargeable while a few others may need to be connected to an electrical source through a cord.  No matter which type of epilator is being used, these are a relatively cheap method of hair removal, especially suited for facial skin. Buying an epilator is a one-time expense and one might, at most, need to spend on batteries, if one is using this model; whereas, in the other methods of hair removal, one needs to continuously spend on creams, wax and razors.  Since these are small, they can easily fit into a travel cosmetic kit and can be carried along during a holiday or during other travels.


However, epilators can be quite painful and may leave the skin red and blotched immediately on completion of the procedure, which may take some time to settle down again. However, this pain may reduce considerably the more times the epilator is used.  This is not only because the body starts accommodating the action but also because with each removal, the hair tends to grow out finer than earlier.


In all, benefits far outweigh the one small discomfort factor and make facial epilators, the preferred method of facial hair removal without much question.