Learn from the Master to Improve Your Future

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mark hurd"There are a lot of people out there who are offering you “great” advice on how you can improve your future. It seems like everyone has their own roadmap for success, but whether that success means anything to you is an entirely different story. Often, you don’t even know the credentials of someone, so believing that they can teach you about something they have not attained themselves doesn’t really make any sense.

This is why so many are looking to gain insights from Oracle CEO Mark Hurd, because he has a proven track record of success that you can count on to ensure that the advice and insights that he is offering, give you a real shot at creating a future you can be proud of. Since becoming the CEO of Oracle, Hurd has made the company one of the largest tech giants in the world, now valued at nearly $50 billion. This is a substantial increase from when he first became the chief executive at the company, and it is through his innovation and insights that the giant arose.

You can harness some of that brilliance by going and looking at the URL that offers information and teachings from Mark Hurd. Not only does the CEO at Oracle offer his own website where you can receive information about the future of technology as well as his ideas on management and service, but you can also find other sites where he has been interviewed or provided information that will be valuable for those looking for a way to improve their own future choices.

If this is what you are looking for, then do a search or go directly to his site to find out more. You will not regret gaining the insights that Mark Hurd has to offer.

Know The Expert Secrets For Boosting Your Business

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "boosting business"Russell Brunson is one of the greatest names that you will hear in the field of internet marketing. He is the ultimate guru of internet marketing. Now, he has became a renowned author who has gained more fame through his first book “Dot Com Secrets” which sold over 100,000 copies across the world. Now, he is using all his knowledge, experience and observation to write another book which is known as “Expert Secrets”. The book is almost finished and is ready to be sent to the publishers. The scheduled official launch of his new book is on 18th April, 2017. This book is more focused on internet marketing and on various tactics that you can use to increase the sales and traffic towards your website.

What’s in the book?

The book is entirely focused on internet business tactics that you can use for increasing the sales of your company. The book is yet to be launched and is best for those businesses that are struggling in making their business successful over the internet. The book contains the important business strategies and tactics that will help your business to attract more traffic towards your website as well as increase the conversion rate of the customers. Weak traffic and low conversion rate is the biggest problem of online businesses. But with this book in your hand, you can achieve your goal very comfortably.

Features of the book

  • This book is a home study course that provides you with a detailed step by step procedure that you can follow to transform your struggling online business into a well established business.
  • This book provides you with ideas and strategies that you can use in doing internet marketing of your business, product or service.
  • It helps you to increase the number of customers by building an e-mail list for yourself.

Using Keywords In SEO: What Are They And Where To Find Them?

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "seo"Keywords are nothing more than words users search on Google! They are called keywords because search engines monitor them into the content they analyze and therefore rank websites. SEO is mostly focused on keywords and it is treated as the biggest factor in search result ranking. Still, discovering them isn’t an easy task.

Where can you find keywords?

It isn’t possible to search the internet directly for the keywords. They must be obtained from Google or some other licensed website. In general, you have a possibility to use Google Keyword Planner or some other (paid) alternative. Keywords should be based on the main purpose of your website. For example, if the website is about Android smartphones, keywords should include these two words, or something related to them, such as LG, Samsung S6 and etc.

Finding the keywords isn’t as complicated as you may imagine, but it isn’t as simple as many of you believe. There are also negative keyworrds that may have a negative effect on the website ranking! They must be avoided.

Which keywords should be chosen?

Just finding the keywords and filling the website content with them isn’t a great idea. It is mandatory to use phrases, rather than simple words and it is important to take into account the search query number. Most users choose those with the highest search requests, which mean that they will have a tough competition. Always choose those with a medium search count number to get the best results.

Keywords are changing constantly, so you will have to perform new searches all the time. In addition, this is the most important element of SEO, so hiring professionals is actually a much better and simpler alternative. They even use tools unavailable to ordinary users.

How and Why Ageing Affects the Brain

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Ageing"Ageing affects all the organs in the body, but it is the ageing of the brain which creates more problems.

Ageing scores very high on the list of factors which can affect the normal rhythmic functioning of the brain. Ageing affects not only the brain, but also the organs in the body as well. Thus, as you age arthritis starts appearing, cataracts turn up and heart attacks may occur. The ageing of the brain creates more problems because the brain controls the functioning of just about every organ of the body. For example, the continuous cardiac output and the process of respiration are under the control of the autonomic nervous system.

How ageing affects the brain

As you age, plaque formation increases in the arteries. This can reduce the blood supply to the brain. The brain is critically dependent on the supply of glucose and oxygen for survival. Most of the tissues can get along nicely with a mixture of energy supplying fuel molecules. For example, the skeletal muscle can be at home with glucose, glycogen, fat, or ketone bodies.

Fuel for the brain

However, the brain has evolved to function only with glucose as a fuel molecule. That is precisely why hypoglycemia (reduced blood glucose levels) is a life threatening situation. Since, the brain carries out aerobic metabolism, a good supply of oxygen is also essential. Both glucose and oxygen come to the brain through the circulation. Thus, any phenomenon which curtails the blood supply to the brain would also affect the supply of glucose and oxygen to the brain. These are the best brain supplements.

Factors affecting the brain

Reduced blood supply reduces fuel supply to the brain and this creates energy shortages in the brain. The brain receives information and sends out information through the phenomenon of neurotransmission. Neurotransmission is energy dependent. Thus, reduced energy production can affect neurotransmission to, within and from the brain. Thus, the ability of the brain to process new information is drastically reduced. The brain functions mainly through the ability to make inter neuronal connections. This ability is also drastically reduced.

Ageing accelerates ageing

Free radicals are highly reactive species which are produced during metabolism and can produce a situation called oxidative stress. Normally, free radicals are countered by the antioxidative defenses naturally present in the body. However, as one ages this antioxidative capacity is drastically reduced and the flourishing free radicals accelerate the process of ageing of the brain. Ageing also reduces the capacity of the body to fight inflammatory reactions. This also accelerates the ageing of the brain.

Slowing down the ageing of the brain

Ageing is an irreversible process. However, it can be slowed down through some intelligent moves.

  1. Increasing the level of physical fitness
  2. Including more fiber in the diet (decreases blood cholesterol and plaque formation)
  3. Inclusion of more of vegetables and fruits into the diet (reduces oxidative stress)
  4. Keeping the brain engaged-this produces new neuronal connections.

SEO Directory Linking Surpassed by Quality Textual SEO Content

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "seo"Competing for Web traffic is best done by creating quality industry content for publication on other relevant web sites.

Web site rankings used to depend on the data placed in SEO-friendly general directories but now link quality is judged by original content distributed across the Web in literary form so articles, blogs, and press releases can accommodate original content containing links to all the URLs, not just the home page.

SEO-Friendly Directories and the Open Directory Project

In the process of link building optimizers normally start with the Mozilla Google Open Directory Project (DMoz.com) as the cornerstone of the link architecture. The site is moderated internationally by volunteers in all languages. In terms of measured relative Web importance, expressed by a ranking system known as “Page Rank (named after Google co-founder Larry Page), the DMoz site has an extremely high Page Rank of 8 out of an ideal 10, making it a valuable place to submit a link. The Page Rank of a web site can be viewed on Google’s toolbar when activated, giving users a general idea of the reciprocal links and documents that have built value for the site over the years. Page Rank is not an indicator of search engine ranking positions (SERPs).

DMoz.com provides an enormous selection of categories; many businesses aren’t closely associated with categories available on average directories. Since the concept of relevance must be priority in your linking thinking, DMoz is a valuable site where your exact business activity can be described in order to satisfy detailed search queries.

When there is a listing in the Open Directory Project the search engines prefer to select that description and title for the search results. Publisher Dan Thies, in a report for SEO Research Labs, explains how search engines use the ODP “Google has been showing links to the Google Directory within their search results for some time. When one of the pages shown in their regular search results also has a listing in the directory, the category and description from the Open Directory are displayed.”

A problem exists with the ODP however because the listing information cannot be edited – once it is accepted the title and description are there to stay and in many cases can become outdated. There is no way to know ahead of time so if the site owner needs to change information about his company he will need to get rid of the ODP listing. Since it can’t be deleted or edited, a special metatag will need to be inserted in the HTML HEAD section that reads: META name=”robots” content=”noodp”. This will disable retrieval from the Google Directory by all the search engines so that your on-page meta description and title can be displayed, or the listings with content rotations on other directories.

There is a technique for maximizing the effect of general SEO directories. When setting up your content, compose a dozen different possible titles and about 10 differently-worded (and different length) descriptions using the keyword phrases in all possible ways. This provides a random selection of fresh content to give the search engines more display options. By covering all bases there is no need to pre-test a single data set to attract both the search engine spiders and the live searchers; there can be enough semantics available to define the pages in terms of relevance and quality.

The SEO-friendly general directories containing backlinks are good places to arrange keywords in different descriptions. A linking campaign will normally include several hundred directory listings but their importance has been dwindling gradually as Google doesn’t want websites to rely solely on thousands of directory links. Sites now get penalized for using the directories in too high a percentage of their link strategy. Greater importance is given to well-written original content in articles, blogs, eZines, and related publishing sites.

Deep Linking Using Off-Page Content

Getting search engines to pay more attention to your web site’s pages is accomplished by optimizing and linking each landing page to contribute to the overall strength of the domain. A landing page is one that is visible to the public and one that contains some importance and content. Most landing pages would appear in the menu bar; for web sites with drop-down menus there is a greater chance for expanding the link campaign by including those URLs as well. This can’t be accomplished using only directories – the majority of them accept only the main domain; only a few have any deep-linking capability.

The extended URLs of each page offer an opportunity to get search engines to crawl and index your entire site. Each page needs inbound links and unique metadata, again to provide the variety that helps a campaign rise to great heights. A white paper by Khrysti Nazzaro spoke about the increasingly rigorous standards of link value evident today that would lead to a greater emphasis on providing expert industry information to promote link popularity.

This means honest hard work in the researching, composition, and formatting of articles that can be submitted to SEO article source directories where webmasters go to download content for their sites. Those re-publishing a piece must also include the links, adding to their quantity, quality, and relevance.

When these factors build up, the site becomes an “authority” in the subject matter; very after you will see 2 pages of the same site come up, one indented – an indication that both of those pages are strongly relevant to the search. It is also a sign that the SEO has done a good job with deep-linking.

SEO Quality Guidelines – Tactics to Avoid to Improve SEO Rank

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "seo"One does not have to look very hard to find the plethora of SEO advertisements out there all guaranteeing top search engine page results (SERP). This of course is a result of good reasons; the better the page ranking of a website, the more traffic that will flow to it, the better the chances are of generating revenue through direct sales or advertising.

But before one runs out to hire ‘the best’ link building services or attempts to do it themselves, time must be taken to consider the SEO tactics which will most certainly backfire.

SEO Tactics to Avoid – Hidden Keywords, Text or Links

Hiding text, keywords and/or links refers to intentionally hiding these items from the view of the visitor. Some methods used to hide such elements from visitors include:

  • The font colour is the same as the background colour.
  • The font colour is the same colour as a background image(s).
  • The font colour to ‘almost’ the same as the background colour or background image(s).
  • Using CSS of Javascript to create hidden pages.

The purpose of hiding text, keywords and links is to load the page with as many keywords and phrases as possible that would be unsightly to the visitor but possibly results in better page ranking. Unfortunately, although this may work for a short period of time, search engines consider this tactic to be deceitful and labeled as “search spam” and can result in the page or site being removed completely from the search engine.

SEO Tactics to Avoid – Cloaking and Doorway Pages

Cloaking specifically refers to the visitor of a website or page seeing something completely different than what the search engine believes to be there. An example of such would be a page which which shows nothing other than images (or other media files such as Flash), but contains hidden text to fool the search engine into ‘thinking’ there is more valid content present.

At some point or another, many online users will come across a high ranking search result page, which when the link is followed, they find a page that’s either completely gibberish, or only contains the most generalized and valueless format imaginable (such as a lot of missing details); that is a doorway page. Doorway pages are literally groups of web pages with no purpose other than to falsely amass content in an attempt to increase page rank. Both cloaking and doorway page tactics are frustrating to visitors and seriously frowned upon by search engines.

SEO Tactics to Avoid – Keyword Stuffing

For people who have found themselves on such pages, this is probably one of the more annoying tactics as “keyword stuffing” refers to repeating specific keywords over and over again within paragraphs of text designed to look like actual useful information. Users assume the site has value or importance since it was found on the first or second page of the search results, but are then presented with a bunch of nonsense.

Improve SERP by Avoiding Shady SEO Tactics

Keep in mind that the goal of search engines is to provide the reader with reliable and accurate sources of information. Search engines are not interested in whether or not a business or person generates more business or traffic by using such shady tactics because ultimately, these tactics only serve to erode online credibility and frustrate the user. Worst of all, use of these tactics will at some point lead to the complete opposite of what is desired for the website, removal from the search engine entirely.

Anything that’s worth doing, is worth doing right the first time. This old adage applies through to our day and especially to the SEO tactics we apply to websites and web pages.

Enjoy Streaming Videos With The Best Streaming Device

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Chromecast"The use of the streamed media has grown to a substantial level in the past few years for the aim of delivering the better entertainment services to the people. Streamed media is also used by the business organizations for the purpose of advertising, marketing, training and internal communication. The streaming of the audios and videos is the method of delivering the multimedia content from service provider to the final customers.

Streaming is now easy and simple

There are remarkable changes in the media streaming technologies. Traditionally, the media could be streamed only on the TV sets but now with the help of the digital streaming devices the media can be streamed with the smartphone and laptops. The digital streaming devices enable the users to control streamed audios and videos on their personal computer, smartphone or television.  The streaming device is needed to be plugged into the TV set or computer to watch the streamed videos. Check out the http://alterchromecast.com/ to know about the top digital streaming devices. Make sure that you pick the best streamer which is safe to use and quick in action. This will enable you to enjoy the great experience of watching the streamed videos. It allows you to enjoy the HD and ultra HD videos with best sound quality. The pairing of the plugged in device and the smartphone is done over the strong internet connection. You can even use the Wi-Fi connectivity.

Methods of Streaming with streaming device

The streaming device plays an important role in streaming and playing the audios and videos on different devices. The best digital streaming devices feature streaming in two ways. One way is by using the web apps and the smartphone which supports the streaming technology and the other is by mirroring the media files from the reliable web browsers.

Not So Regular Beds That Offer Storage Utility

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "trundle bed"Storage is one of the biggest problems in every household. No matter whether you have a big house or a small house, you will always feel lack of space to store your stuff.  Even after owning the cupboards and trunks, you find your clothes lying on the bed or chair, your kid’s toys are scattered here and there and your husband’s files are on almost every table of the house. If you want to keep your house well organized and neat then you can invest in usable storage option. Trundle bed is one of the most promising storage furniture that meets your dual needs. It adds sleeping furniture to your house as well as enables you to store your stuff in the bed.

Exclusive designs at the furniture store

There are lots of furniture brands which offer this type of bed in various designs, materials and colors.  You can even visit the online furniture store to select the best design of the trundle bed. It is better to check online for a detailed review so that you invest in the best design of the trundle bed. You can have the single bed, double bed or bunk bed as the trundle bed. The price of the trundle bed varies with the specifications of this type of bed.

Bed conversion feature

The trundle bed offers the feature of converting the storage space into the secondary bed with the master bed. It enables the user to place the mattress over the storage space and spread the bed sheet over it. A new bed will be ready for you to sleep. This type of bed is called as the extra bed in your house which meets your emergency need of the bed. When not in use, this bed can easily be pushed beneath the master bed and lots of free space is available for you.

Carrageenan – Should You Use It?

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Carrageenan"Although we claim to know about many things concerning our lives and the surrounding environment, there are still plenty of elements that keep on surprising us daily. Carrageenan, for instance, is made from multiple parts of specifically red algae and seaweeds and is mainly used in the food industry. The main properties that make carrageenan a widely used extract in the food industry are its gelling, stabilizing and thickening properties.


But even though you can find the ingredient in a wide array of food products, including in almond milk and other organic foods, it is important bearing in mind that carrageenan does not offer any nutritional value. Thus, there is a little information available about potential benefits of this extract upon the human body and the digestive problems.


The reason why it is largely used in the food industry is because it can emulsify and thicken products and not because it would be benefic per se to the human body.


What does the medicine say?

As previously mentioned there are still inconclusive studies regarding the potential benefits or drawbacks of this ingredient, although certain studies include some side effects if consumed regularly. Skin rashes and digestive problems represent the main side effects of carrageenan if consumed on a daily basis, but, again, studies are yet to be conducted in order to draw a pertinent conclusion regarding this ingredient.


Is it safe to use?

According to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), carrageenan is considered a safe ingredient to be used in foods, but the same FDA does mention potential harms and suggests further investigation. In other words, carrageenan is safe to use but not entirely safe to use and if you have the possibility of choosing your own food products to consume, you should read the labels carefully and avoid products containing carrageenan, even the ones that are labeled as “natural” or “organic”.

Facial Epilators: An Overview

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "facial epilator"Of all the hair removal methods, facial epilators win face down as one of the most effective – both in terms of economy and efficacy. There could be a few reasons as to why women like to opt for facial epilators. A few may find using hair removal creams an easier method – but we need to remember, that these are after all, chemicals and expose the delicate facial skin to the side effects that these carry with them.  So, using an epilator may, any day, be a safer option.


How do Epilators work?


Epilators function very similar to waxing – that is, they remove the hair at the roots, the follicle level. Epilators are basically electronic devices.  As they move on the skin, they trap the hair in them through a rotating motion and pull them away at the root level, even as they continue their movement on the skin. The results may last up to a fortnight.


Epilators can be of different types – some operate on batteries; a few have the option of being rechargeable while a few others may need to be connected to an electrical source through a cord.  No matter which type of epilator is being used, these are a relatively cheap method of hair removal, especially suited for facial skin. Buying an epilator is a one-time expense and one might, at most, need to spend on batteries, if one is using this model; whereas, in the other methods of hair removal, one needs to continuously spend on creams, wax and razors.  Since these are small, they can easily fit into a travel cosmetic kit and can be carried along during a holiday or during other travels.


However, epilators can be quite painful and may leave the skin red and blotched immediately on completion of the procedure, which may take some time to settle down again. However, this pain may reduce considerably the more times the epilator is used.  This is not only because the body starts accommodating the action but also because with each removal, the hair tends to grow out finer than earlier.


In all, benefits far outweigh the one small discomfort factor and make facial epilators, the preferred method of facial hair removal without much question.